Paint By Numbers | Professional Apron 4 Pockets

  • There are ten large and small pockets, which can be used to put a variety of brushes, small books, erasers and back painting tools. It has the ability to prevent your clothes from getting stained with paint.

  • Made of canvas material, the fabric is thick and the canvas is breathable. It will not be stuffy when worn on the body for a whole day. The paint will not penetrate when painting, with the characteristics of no smell and no fading.
  • The length of the shoulder can be adjusted, adjusted at will, and comfortable to wear.
  • Army green, hard to stain, easy to clean. Quiet and calm colors, the introversion of art. Suitable for all artists.
  • The artist's apron is beautifully crafted and has a universal size. The thickness is moderate, the skirt is about 65 cm/25.6 inches long, and the hem is about 125.3cm/49.3 inches long.