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Healing Power Of Art



Very nice quality paint-by-numbers set which arrived within a week of the initial order and was well packaged. Complete with everything necessary, including an almost full sized numbered paper version of the entire canvas that allows for correcting mistakes once an area is obscured with paint and the lines cannot be seen anymore. Also, a small card with the painted version is included for reference. The canvas is a nice quality canvas that easily rolls up to allow good control of the area being worked on


I really enjoyed working on this. It took me several days, because I painted small areas at a time. I purchased the version that was stretched over a frame which makes it much easier to work with. If you get a frameless version, be sure to go to your local craft store and buy a blank 16 x 20 canvas and you can stretch the frameless canvas over that. I like that it came with a sheet of paper that had a copy of all the details of the painting. It helped a lot when I overpaid did some areas. I am very proud of the end result.


I like the quality of this canvas, soft and not easy to deform, every number is clear, pigment is not debugging. It is very simple to paint according to the number, I think I can quickly become a painter!!! Although I do not seem to have any talent for painting, but I enjoy the process of painting personal, from a blank canvas through little efforts, slowly see a painting is about to be completed, it is a sense of achievement. Easy to use, looking forward to finishing, I will hang it in my bedroom, it is a perfect shopping. I'll buy again shortly.